Mining & Related Topics

Despite all the negative issues surrounding the mining industry, the reality is that it remains an integral part of the South African economy today. No other industry has shaped the South African landscape like the mining industry and although there is a lot of negative sentiment, there is still a lot of ‘life’ left in the South African mining sector yet!

But with all the threats plaguing the industry from a slump in commodity prices, rising costs, political hostility to industrial unrest (all of which are nothing new) and everything else in-between then it is no wonder that mining executives across the length and breadth of South Africa are generally feeling overwhelmed.

And although there are a lot of well-established annual conferences that service the mining industry, our training courses offer you something new, fresh and completely different from the norm!

So why not challenge your paradigm and attend anyone of our researched and developed mining-focused training courses that offer you the most cost-effective solution that you need to keep yourself updated on all the changes in your industry as and when they happen!

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