FIDIC Focused Training

Fédération Internationale des Ingénieurs-Conseils or FIDIC as it is more widely known has fast become the preferred form of contract for major construction works across Africa. In addition, it is often recognised as the industry standard for the global construction industry.

In response to demand we have developed a series of FIDIC-focused training courses that use a combination of case studies and discussions so that all Course Participants gain a practical and detailed understanding of the contracts including an appreciation of how the contracts operate in practice so that projects are ensured to run smoothly.

All of our courses also discuss in detail the roles of Engineers, Employers, and Contractors under the FIDIC contracts as well as guiding you on how to allocate risks when selecting the most appropriate FIDIC form, and managing claims and resolving disputes arising from contract conditions.

In addition to South Africa, to date we have also run our FIDIC-focused training courses in Namibia, Ghana, Swaziland and Lesotho. Depending on the training course you attend and in addition to the course material provided, you will receive a copy of either the FIDIC Red Book, Yellow Book, Silver Book or the FIDIC MDB Harmonised Construction Contract.

In addition, several of the training courses below offer CPD Points via SAICE and ECSA and some of them also offer CPD Hours with ASAQS, SACQSP and the SACPCMP.

* Denotes that this course has been accredited with CPD Points/Hours/Credits. Please click on the name of the course for more info.

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