Construction Management Software

It is true that computerised scheduling software has revolutionised construction projects in the past few decades, making it easier to determine the overall project duration, account for potential delays, and manage the progress of individual activities.

However, in order to leverage the potential of the available construction software, you and your team will have to master these tools inside and out.

But the reality is that you are busy…very busy and with the multitude of daily demands that you face in the workplace or on site it is probably safe to say that you don’t actually have the time to ever truly get to know all of the in’s and outs of any construction software programme.

This means that you are probably only tapping into a fraction of the software’s true functionality.  But more importantly you could be missing out on some of its most useful, efficiency-boosting, time-saving features and functions that could make your job a whole lot easier!

So, when you consider time constraints being what they are, I am sure that you don’t have the time  to spend countless hours on trial and error methods or flipping through huge software manuals and help functions that look like they are written in English (but really aren’t) for that single answer that you need right now?

That is where our construction software training courses come in.  As we are not construction software distributors, we don’t favour one software programme over another; this means we are completely unbiased.  This allows us to research, develop and then design training courses that to go beyond just the mere demonstration of the features to cover in detail the software’s practical application in a real-world construction environment.

*Denotes that this course has been accredited with CPD Points/Hours/Credits.  Please click on the name of the course for more info.

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