Professional Development & Registration with ECSA

Professional Development & Registration with ECSA

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As a professional in the construction, engineering and allied industries there is now more pressure than ever to be registered with the Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA).

Engineering Professionals often ask – why do I need to register…I already have my degree? But aside from the obvious statutory requirements (you have no choice and need to do it) there are also many other benefits of being registered.

In an ever-increasing competitive market place, it makes good business sense and is a strong motivating factor to get registered and advance yourself professionally. Many private clients prefer to appoint and work with professionally registered persons because it gives them a feeling of confidence in your technical ability and ethical integrity. Also, in terms of working with the South African Government (at all levels) they simply prefer to work with registered professionals and typically they make this a provision of any appointments.

Getting registered, if you are kick-starting your career or even if you are a mature candidate just makes good sense and gives you an opportunity to clearly differentiate yourself from your peers when it comes to job interviews or for tenders for new work – in short it is a great thing to add to your CV and increases your marketability immediately!

So, how do you register? What is the process? Typically, your Employer will assist you but if this isn’t an option and you have to tackle this yourself then this training course is exactly what you need as we will take you through the process step-by-step and we will take you down the ‘road to registration’.


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