Conducting Effective Meetings and Minute Taking Made Simple

Conducting Effective Meetings and Minute Taking Made Simple

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Did you know that in a recent global online survey that most business people average only 3 productive days per week with a staggering 8.6 hours spent each week in meetings. So it is not surprising that 69% of the respondents feel that meetings aren’t productive at all!  Then you throw into the mix the fact that many business people seem to think that this topic of minute taking and meeting protocol falls squarely in the domain of a secretary…which seems crazy because in reality this couldn’t be further from the truth!

Firstly let’s tackle the issue of meetings – how do you react when a meeting request pops up in your inbox?

Most people think, “oh no, not another meeting.” But no matter who you are or what you do within your company you will be involved in meetings at one time or another. And let’s be honest how often are you stuck in long-winded, boring and unproductive meetings where people go off track, discuss issues that were not planned and go round in circles?

So the million Rand question is wouldn’t you, your team and your company be far more productive if you knew how to ensure that every meeting was 100% effective? Imagine if during every single meeting you were able to stay on task, on topic and on time…and eliminate meeting mayhem…what would that be worth to your bottom-line?

Of course it would be invaluable!

Now, to the issue of minute taking…again this seems to be a task often relegated only to secretaries but what happens if you don’t have secretarial support in your company? The simple truth is that effective minute taking goes hand-in-hand with effective meeting management. Because you can have the most wonderfully run meetings but if someone isn’t accurately recording the outcomes, you quite frankly are back to square one…because no one is going to recall everything said and every decision made.

That is why this training course is a must – because in just 2-days you will learn everything you need to know about how to run and participate in effective meetings that produce positive results!


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