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Anyone who thinks that putting together a comprehensive bid specification is an easy job is just simply wrong! If you get this wrong, there will be serious repercussions for your department which may severely impact departmental service delivery and other strategic objectives, so the pressure is on!

That is why we have developed this in-depth 2-day training course because this is a tough job and a lot of responsibility for anyone who is responsible for compiling bid specifications. We will take a comprehensive look at absolutely everything that you need to know about including what is expected of you as well as your role and responsibilities as a member of a bid specification committee.

We’’ve built this training course to help you meet these tough bid specification challenges and during the course we will also focus on how the specifications should be compiled in an unbiased manner. We will tackle issues such as how to decide on the percentage allocated to functionality, quality and price including how to weigh up the advantages and disadvantages of favouring one of these aspects over the other. This course is packed with methods, tips and techniques to streamline bid specification processes that will allow you to get it right the first time!


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