At Alusani Skills & Training Network® we have one of the most experienced and knowledgeable faculties of Course Leaders available in South Africa. In order to support our approach, we personally hand-pick all of our highly qualified Course Leaders; this allows us to ensure that they have the right balance of expert knowledge as well as practical experience in their field of expertise.

Our Course Leaders have all worked in their specific areas of expertise for many years. So, this experience means that they understand the real-world challenges faced by our Course Participants. No matter what type of training you are looking for, we have the Course Leader with the right experience that can connect with your team.

So, we can guarantee that your Course Participants will be exposed to the very latest thinking and most innovative practices in business today.

Below are the biographies of all the expert Course Leaders who are currently in our network. To bring any of our Course Leaders to your organisation, please contact us on +27 11 447 7470 or email

  • Allan Tarita

    Leading Maintenance, Engineering & Operations Expert

  • Bradley Doyle

    Leading Specialist in the Full Spectrum of Construction Management Topics, focusing on Contract Management, Quality Management as well as Health & Safety Related Topics

  • Brian Breetzke

    Leading Expert in All Areas Relating to Construction Management

  • Chris Bennett

    Leading Construction Contract Law, Claims, FIDIC and NEC3/4 Expert

  • Dennis Comninos

    World-Renowned Project Management & Construction Authority

  • Isabella Strong

    Technical Report, Business Writing, Communications and General Soft Skills Expert

  • Karl von Buddenbrock

    MS Project Management Specialist

  • Kirsten Ronnie

    Leading Legal Expert

  • Len Holder

    Leading Expert in Construction Budgeting, Estimating & Project Management

  • Lizanne de Jong

    Leadership, HR Management, Diversity and Empowerment Expert

  • Lize Richmond

    Accounts Payable and Finance Specialist

  • Mike Lebotschy

    Leading Health and Safety Expert

  • Steve du Toit

    Specialist in the application of JBCC  & GCC 2010/2015 Contracts

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