Cost and Overhead Reduction Strategies

Did you know that the average company spends an estimated 25-30 cents of every Rand of revenue earned on overhead costs alone? And this number doesn’t account for increases in other associated costs of doing business.

But research has shown that managerial attention to overall cost and overhead expenditure is sporadic and is often viewed as a short term or crisis-situation strategy. And in light of the recent recession, companies across the length and breadth of South Africa literally went into panic mode slashing costs across the board often to their own detriment.

Overheads are usually the very first place that get targeted for cuts when companies are under financial pressure – but the see-saw of continual cost cutting…costs creeping back up and then cost-cutting again are just not good for long-term sustainable business!

The importance of cost and overhead reductions within a company simply cannot be overstated. And knowing how to implement effective cost and overhead reduction strategies can be the determining factor in the survival of your business!

What is needed is a more strategic approach to overall cost and overhead management as this is the key to maintaining stability in your business. So, this training course does not offer a quick fix, but rather a methodical approach on how to reduce costs and overheads in a sustainable way without negatively impacting your business.

This training course is highly participative and is Course Participant-centred with high levels of interaction, open discussion, including team and individual exercises and case studies. Each module will consider in detail the practical application of how what you have learnt can be applied in your own organisation.

At the end of this training course, you will be able to effectively apply all the tools and techniques learned to deliver considerable savings to both general and overhead costs, as well as how to promote a steady and constant change in your approach to cost and overhead management.

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