Construction Subcontracting

Finishing any construction project on time requires a huge amount of cooperation between all parties involved but at the very same time, each of the parties involved has competing interests! So, with so much to consider in terms of construction subcontracting this training course has been specifically researched and designed to cover all of the bases and to give you a practical understanding and working knowledge of the critical general legal principles and the various typical contractual provisions. We will also cover in detail the management mechanisms which will enable you to effectively manage the subcontracting process, within time, on budget and most importantly in compliance with the main contractor’s technical requirements and specifications.

This practical Construction Subcontracting course will instantly build your skills set as you will learn practical tips and techniques that you can use immediately when you get back to work. Using interactive discussions as well as a series of real-life case studies, you will leave this training course with a clear understanding of all of the parties rights and responsibilities when executing and performing the subcontract. We will also cover in detail all of the issues that can arise during the subcontracting process and you will leave the training course with the knowledge and confidence when dealing with these issues in the future, no matter if you represent the Subcontractor, the Employer, Consultants or the Main Contractor.

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