Construction Site Management

Next Available Public Course Dates for the Construction Site Management Course
16 & 17 May 2024 – Online

Did you realise when you started your career as a Site Manager that you would actually need to be part magician, part musical conductor and part superhero? I bet you didn’t!

In short, it is your job and responsibility to make sure that your construction site runs smoothly all the time. The planning and organising of multiple resources and people on any construction site can be extremely stressful. Coupled with that, it is your job to make sure that your projects are completed on time, that they stay within the budget and meet the requirements of the plans and the client…oh yes and that everyone is safe and there are no serious accidents…all of this is a pretty tall order.

But in reality, projects change constantly, sub-contractors foul up the schedule, people don’t perform so you have to deal with union issues, it rains solid for 2 weeks so you are behind and everyone goes crazy as chaos reigns…sound familiar? Well no more!

Rather than attending 10 different training courses to tackle each module separately we have pulled together and condensed tons of material to get to the construction site management essentials that you need right now to take your skills to the next level.

This training course has been designed for the way that construction professionals work today!

During this multi-CPD-accredited construction site management training course you’ll pinpoint old habits and behaviours that are wasting your time and sabotaging your efforts, and you’ll start replacing them with best practices.

The essential set of skills you’ll learn during this training course will make a significant and immediate impact on your daily productivity. You’ll find you have more time available, that you’re doing more planning and less reacting, that you’re gaining cooperation from those who were once resistant, that your priorities seem to fall into place rather than compete for your attention.

You’ll enjoy your job more and experience far less stress because you’ll have the tools you need to handle anything that comes your way.

Bottom line, the essential construction site management skills that you learn during this multi-CPD-accredited training course will make a significant and immediate impact on your daily productivity.

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