Construction Quality Management

Quality Management is an essential part of any construction project. And even though construction projects span a variety of functions across several different parties and trades, they all share one over-riding desire, to bring a project in on time and within budget!

When it comes to the success of any project, quality control impacts all phases of the construction process. As you begin outlining the processes and procedures to help you reach your goals, your number one priority should be to find one that interweaves quality into every step.

But the reality is that very often, quality management is not given the proper time, care, and attention it deserves. The reason for this is because the project specifications typically guide the quality standards of a product or service that a construction company provides, so many construction managers think this is enough, as it covers everything and so they don’t give quality management a second thought.

What is quality control in construction? Quality control is a management system that focuses on construction quality, a final building, civil infrastructure, or mechanical installation that is safe to use, fit for purpose and that can stand the test of design like. Achieving quality in construction goes far beyond just the owners and employees of a construction company alone and also extends to trade partners and subcontractors who will be putting the work in place.

Whilst most companies create some sort of quality control guidelines, many, barely achieve the basic requirements in terms of quality. Added to this, are the very real and many challenges presented by a highly competitive construction industry, coupled with large projects that are dynamic and complex and this means that the adoption and application of quality management is what will make one company more successful over another.

So, this training course has been researched and developed with one goal in mind, to show you how to develop and then apply an effective quality management programme that manages quality but also ensures project delivery, increases productivity, eliminates and/or reduces waste and which ultimately improves overall profitability!

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