Construction Contract Law Essentials – Fundamental Level

Construction contracts need to be very carefully drafted and managed to avoid exposing your organisation to severe financial penalties and turning a potentially profitable project into a loss-making one!

The topic of construction contract law is an enormous and complex subject with potential negative ramifications for those who do not appreciate the basics. That is why this 2-day practical Construction Contract Law Essentials training course is ideal for anyone who is new to the construction industry or for those that have had little or no exposure to the standard form construction contracts.

A no-nonsense and practical course that will cover in detail:

  • All of the essential elements and key principles of construction law
  • A comparative analysis of the characteristics and components of the standard form construction contracts
  • How to form construction contracts correctly to avoid problems later on down the line
  • Best practice construction site management techniques including planning, monitoring & control procedures
  • The world of construction claims and disputes – understand why they happen but more importantly how to avoid and manage them
  • Everything you need to know about negotiation, mediation, arbitration and adjudication as well as other conflict and dispute management techniques

This comprehensive Construction Contract Law Essentials course is a must for all of your new or junior staff as it will introduce and then cover in detail all of the essential elements and key principles of construction law in a clear and understandable language to those new to the industry. We will also take a detailed look at the procedural aspects that relate to the management and administration of construction contracts, the duties, responsibilities and obligations of all of the partied involved including how to deal with claims and disputes.

Most training courses give you countless ideas and text book theories that really have no real-world application. This course is very different and will instantly build your skills set – think of it as your essential guide to managing and working with standard form construction contracts.

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