Construction Claims, Entitlements, Quantification & Evaluation

Next Available Public Course Dates for the Construction Claims Course
24 & 25 July 2024 – Online 

Claims seem to be inevitable and are regarded as part and parcel of almost EVERY construction project. How you administer the contract from day one will have a far-reaching impact in terms of understanding and avoiding construction claims. So, this training course has been specifically researched and developed to allow you to see first-hand perspectives of the real world of construction claims using actual contract examples, as well as case studies in order to cover the critical administrative processes that require special attention to minimise the potential for claims.

The aim of this course is to give all Course Participants a greater and more objective understanding of what they could be facing, depending on their role in terms of the project. And when you consider that generally Contractors will be pursuing claims and Employers and Consultants would try their utmost to resist them, then this Construction Claims training course will prove to be invaluable.

This interactive programme will provide you with guidance to help you develop effective procedures for preparing, presenting and defending any construction claims. You’ll get answers to your pressing questions. This course will explore:

  •  Foolproof ways of identifying claims
  •  Exactly what the various types of delay are and the contract provisions which may trigger construction claims
  •  Formal and informal methods to resolve claims
  •  Mechanisms to cut down on the amount of claims, disruptions and disagreements
  •  Top tips for tackling delay headaches head on and get your project back on track
  •  How to use alternative dispute resolution techniques to your advantage and stay out of the courtroom!

We can guarantee that you’ll go back to site with more insight into the entire process which will give you an overwhelming sense of confidence to deal effectively with any and all construction claims.

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