Construction Adjudication

Disputes, conflicts or claims are inevitable on any construction project…and although there are a number of more formal dispute resolution techniques namely arbitration, mediation and litigation…there is a growing trend towards using construction adjudication as a necessary step in the dispute resolution process.

So why has adjudication all of a sudden become the dispute mechanism of choice through the international construction industry? This is an interesting question, especially when you consider that the referral of disputes to adjudication is not (by application of legislation) mandatory in South Africa as it is in the UK and Australia for instance. The reason for adjudication gaining in popularity is actually quite simple – it is a quick and relatively inexpensive procedure that is designed to decide disputes in ‘real-time’ and give you a resolution that can be implemented almost immediately which then means that you can get your project back on track.

And that is where this Construction Adjudication training course comes in; using a series of interactive discussions as well as case studies it is designed to equip all Course Participants with a practical understanding but more importantly a working knowledge of the entire adjudication process as it should be applied in the Southern African construction industry.

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