Competency-Based Interviewing, Recruitment & Selection Techniques

In our haste to fill a position, remain productive and meet our own targets we all make bad hiring decisions and hire “misfits” for all the wrong reasons.

Then because of our stringent labour laws, it can take weeks and months to correct the decision but in the meantime the negative effect on staff morale and on your team has already been done and it then takes even more time to win back the respect and trust of your staff.

But, the flipside is that a high performing employee can easily deliver up to 12 times the value of mid-level performers – so it is clear that making the right hiring decision is vitally important.

By the time a candidate has reached the interview stage in any company, the chances are good that they have probably successfully passed a number of first level checks – this means that on paper, they at least display the ability to do the job.

But the challenge is now how do you decide if they are a good candidate or even a great candidate? On way of doing this is to get to the bottom of the proverbial “skeletons in the closet” and you can do this by effectively using competency-based interviewing techniques to reveal the actual “fit” of the candidate.

So, what is competency-based interviewing all about?

It is based on a simple premise that the most accurate predictor of future performance is past performance in similar situations. A candidate’s past performance in the workplace is assessed using a series of structured questions that focus on the core competencies and key results required in the role.

Competency-based interviewing is 80% accurate in terms of predicting future behaviour whereas traditional interviewing is said to only be 10% predictive.

This 2-day training course has been researched, developed and then designed to go beyond just the mere demonstration of what competency-based interviewing and recruitment is all about but it will cover in detail its practical application in a real-world environment.

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