Commercial Contract Drafting for Non-Legal Professionals

Commercial contracts are essential in business!

At one time or another you have probably taken the liberty of questioning a clause in a commercial contract…a clause which you think may be used against you in the future and the response you got from the other party went along the following lines…

It is just a standard clause from our legal department which is generally accepted by others and we really have no intention of actually ever using it.”
We are here to do business, lets no focus on such a trivial little detail”
Don’t you trust me and my company?”

…the question is how do you make sure that you are always in the better contractual position? Because the party that has this always wins!

Commercial contracts are an essential part of doing business. Lawyers, as you know spend a huge amount of time drafting and negotiating detailed commercial contracts that look like they are written in English but really aren’t! And in many cases such detailed contracts are unnecessary and just sheer overkill, resulting in a waste of time and resources for the companies involved.

So, what would it be worth to you if you were able to draw-up detailed and watertight contracts that can foresee and provide for any possible scenario? Contracts that are so clear and concise that all parties immediately understand their rights and duties; a contract that allows you to concentrate on your business rather than trying to figure out shifty contract interpretations? You don’t need to answer because we know that this kind of knowledge would be invaluable. You don’t need to write a commercial contract as if you were a Lawyer. But you do need to gain some understanding of the legalese, this will help you when drafting or reviewing any commercial contract.

Our Commercial Contract Drafting for Non-Legal Professionals training course has been thoroughly researched and designed with one aim in mind – to give you the inside track into the very latest drafting techniques and it will teach you how to produce cutting-edge commercial contracts.

There are no vague or abstract theories here! Instead there is just solid, easy-to-use material based on vast experience and proven methods. Another added bonus is that this training course offers clause-by-clause guidance and covers in detail everything you need to know about drafting sound and watertight commercial contracts.

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