Coaching and Mentoring

Because today’s organisations are far more flat and streamlined, they generally have less management layers. But the flipside of this is that there is much more emphasis on individual responsibility, so successful delegation and empowerment relies heavily on effective coaching.

But for some reason, effective coaching and mentoring seems to elude many companies – with most giving up before they ever really get started. So, our 2-day Coaching & Mentoring training course gets to the nitty gritty of this topic and leaves no stone unturned, as it focuses on tried & tested methods that you can use to develop and increase the current performance of individuals in your team.

During this 2-day training course you will develop indispensable coaching and mentoring skills as the training course covers in detail:

  • The process and the importance of matching your protégés with the correct coaches and mentors
  • What should a robust and successful coaching and mentoring process look like? And what should it never include
  • What skills and traits do a coach and mentor need to have to be successful?
  • Best coaching and mentoring practices but more importantly how to apply them
  • The relationship between coaching and other performance management techniques

…and much much more!

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