Chris Oberholzer

Legal Expert Specialising in a Wide Range of Topics from Health & Safety to Labour Law


Charismatic and humorous, Chris Oberholzer is an Advocate known for his “street smarts” and real-world solutions to tough operational and strategic issues. With over 13 years of experience handling all sorts of legal matters whilst in private practice, the knowledge that he gained means that he is uniquely placed to give sound advice on a wide array of legal topics from health and safety to labour law and everything in between.

Chris is passionate about helping people and organisations fulfil their strategic mission and he has a great deal of training experience having lectured at both pre- and post-graduate level at the Central University of Technology from 2012- 2016. And while his training courses are intensive and thorough, his easy presentation style, solid content and legal insights quickly enable each Course Participant to extend and build on his/her knowledge base.

Chris is thrilled to be joining the Alusani® Course Leader faculty and will be working closely with our development team to bring more legal focused training courses online.


To bring Chris to your organisation, please contact us on +27 11 447 7470 or email

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