Business English

With 11 official languages, it is a proven fact that English only rates 5th on the list in terms of popularity in terms of being people’s home language. Research has shown that around 45% of the population of South Africa have a speaking knowledge of English…and even though it is the language of business, many people who speak English in business do not speak English as their first language (as the above number clearly shows) and this is where the problems with Business English often come into play.

But what is more worrying is that the statistics also show, that the average South African who can speak English fluently and write mistake-free business documents are the exception rather than the rule! And this is a huge concern because business depends on effective and efficient communication and the demand for you to communicate effectively in English is now more vital than ever!

So, this comprehensive 3-day Business English training course will radically improve both your written and conversational English skills which will give you an advantage in your workplace. And this course goes one step beyond because simply learning how to write business documents is not enough…you will also learn how to clearly and concisely express your ideas with confidence and create a style of business conversations that works for you, no matter who you are communicating with.

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