Business Development and Project Planning for Construction & Engineering Works

“It’s impossible to compete in this tight construction market: there is just too much competition.”

“I can’t find any profitable jobs to bid on.”

“I am tired of cutting our bids to beat the competition, how do we differentiate ourselves from the competition without losing profit?”

Do any of these quotes sound familiar? I bet they do!

The reality is that bidding for construction and engineering work is at an all-time high!

Work is so scarce that companies are bidding for ‘anything and everything’, thinking that if they bid for enough jobs that eventually they’ll get their fair share. Sadly, this tactic and effort won’t get you the positive results that you want, especially if you are using the same proposal strategies that you’ve always used. You need to think of this like fishing…you wouldn’t use the same bait and tackle to catch salmon that you would use for tuna so why do you try and win construction and engineering works using the same tactics and tired proposals?

Times are changing in the construction industry and you have to change with them if you want to stay a viable and profitable company. So, the million Rand question is how do you change your current business development for construction processes and increase your Order Book?

Bids and their development form the essential make-up of contracts for any construction and engineering project. It is in the bid development phase where the engineering ideas are conceived, developed and translated into the intended products to be constructed. The bid phase is in actual fact where a lot of the business risk resides because it is the precursor to the project execution and construction phase of the project. But with so many companies churning out bids, very few business development managers actually include the project team from the outset – they simply bid and if they are lucky they win the work and then they hand off to the project team and hope for the best…and the last time I checked ‘hope’ was not considered a business strategy!

The reality is that a thoughtfully planned bid makes for a successful project and this in turn translates into healthy business profits.

In short this 2-day training course has been researched and developed with one aim in mind to show you how to win more work and also when you should back away from a project because the risks are too high so at the end of the day you make more money!

Using a variety of real-life construction and engineering-focused case studies we will go through each of the modules in detail – this will allow you to get a full understanding of how to apply what you have learnt in a real-world environment.

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