How to Build a Formidable Workforce

Article highlighted on the Skills Portal in which the importance of employee training in the workplace is emphasised.

Whether you are new to HR or a seasoned practitioner knowing how to develop your human resource is essential.

The function of HR managers has changed drastically from that of filing papers to building highly skilled, fully equipped employees.

Developing people to meet the current and future demands of the organisation is a huge responsibility. However HR is increasingly being expected to carry out this seemingly impossible task.

There are three ways you can build your human resource:


Sometimes you are forced to go outside of the company to find the right person for the job. This can be incredibly beneficial for the organisation as a new recruit can bring a fresh perspective to the business. They can also bring new skills and experience while adding to the diversity of ideas and business solutions.


This is an efficient and cost effective way to develop your people. The latest reports show that 71 % of Fortune 500 companies offer professional mentoring programs. This is probably because mentoring allows the business to transfer valuable knowledge in-house. Research also reveals that employees feel a greater level of satisfaction and purpose as a result of their mentoring relationships. This leads to improved productivity, and loyalty to the company.


There has been a growing emphasis on up-skilling staff. HR practitioners looking to reduce staff turnover are discovering the importance of training their people. Investing in staff makes employees feel valued. In addition training keeps them motivated and fresh.

There are many training providers to choose from but, if you are looking for practical and relevant skills development programmes, Alusani Skills & Training Network® delivers accredited training courses. By offering over 175 courses in 19 different subject areas as both public and onsite options, Alusani® aims to meet every training need in one place.

One of the challenges HR managers have to contend with is finding flexible training programmes that can accommodate workplace timetables and pressures. Alusani’s flexible format training solutions are customised to meet the budget, schedule and skills needs of each client.

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