Bid Adjudication

So, all the bids are back and now it is down to the Bid Adjudication Committee (BAC) to use the reports and recommendations of the Bid Evaluation Committee (BEC) and select a service provider…that sounds easy enough right…sadly you couldn’t be more wrong!

There is a lot that can go wrong at this point in the process and you don’t want to be the one responsible for selecting an inadequate service provider do you? During this 2-day training course we will demystify the entire adjudication process as we focus on how to actually use all of the info on hand to ensure that all of the relevant factors have been taken into account and that your recommendations represent a logical and justifiable conclusion.

Because our Course Leader is an expert in the field of Bid Specification, Evaluation and Adjudication you’ll return to work armed with the knowledge that you need that will give you and your career an incredible edge.

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