Assertive Communication Skills

Next Available Public Course Dates for the Assertive Communication Skills for Women Course
9 & 10 February 2023 – Online

Asserting yourself is not always easy, in actual fact is can be really really hard. So, it is not surprising that assertiveness continues to be rated by managers on a global scale as a vital component necessary for advancing their careers. Confidence and assertiveness aren’t an option for success-minded managers – they are must-have skills!

Take This Quick Self-Test to Gauge Your Own Level of Assertiveness
Please answer the following assertiveness related questions as honestly as possible…

  • Do you feel that people often act as if you are invisible, or as if they are unaware you’re in the room?
  • Do other people make you feel insignificant; they simply don’t care about your feelings or viewpoints?
  • Do you know exactly what you want but you don’t say it, in order to keep the peace?
  • When people offend you, or do things that upset you, do you say “Oh that’s okay” but inside feel something completely different?
  • Do you often say ‘yes’ to people’s requests when you actually want to say ‘no’?
  • Do you find that you often feel angry with yourself for saying yes when you should really be angry with other people who are trying to push you around?
  • Do you frequently take on extra work yourself, rather than asking someone else to do it?
  • Do you feel as if you are the one that everyone turns to for help and advice yet find that no one seems to be there for you when you need support?
  • Do you feel angry a lot of the time?
  • Do you get angry about little things – often with those people who are closest to you?

So, you have now answered the questions? How did you do?
If you have answered ‘yes’ to 3 or more of these questions, and if you can plainly see a pattern forming in your life, then it could be that you have issues arising from low levels of assertiveness.
The greater the number of questions you answered ‘yes’, the greater your problem with assertiveness is likely to be.

Take charge of your own career path and make sure that you are getting everything out of your work that you want. Empower yourself, be bold and brave and take the next step – because by registering for this 2-day interactive training course you will learn the assertiveness skills that you need to successfully master the must-have communication competencies of promotable managers.

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