Assertive Communication Skills for Women

Have you ever wondered what makes one woman more promotable than another? Hint – it isn’t necessarily what you think! In a recent global study a staggering 80% of the women surveyed choose assertive communication skills as the Number #1 career-advancing factor. And I am willing to bet that assertiveness skills features high on your list of training needs…and if it doesn’t, IT SHOULD!

I don’t have to tell you about how hard it can be being a woman in business. While women have more opportunities than ever before there continue to be challenges to the achievement of equality in the workplace.

And your ability to communicate effectively and work well with others can literally make or break your career. Contrary to popular belief, the ability to communicate confidently with tact and finesse isn’t always a gift that you are born with.

Assertive communication is actually a skill that can be learned and perfected along the way. Take the first step towards mastering assertive communications by making sure that your body language, tone of voice, eye contact and gestures communicate the same message as your voice. Learn how to pinpoint and stop self-sabotaging speech habits that damage your overall credibility.

Spend a moment or two thinking about how much easier your job would be…and how much more successful you’d be…if you knew how to communicate powerfully in any situation.

Here is just a sampling of the results-enhancing case studies, ideas and tactics that you will learn about during our training course on Assertive Communication Skills for Women:

  • Project confidence without coming across as aggressive
  • Handle difficult people and diffuse workplace confrontations
  • Break through the “noise” in workplace communications
  • Give constructive feedback and respond with confidence to criticism
  • Present your ideas with clarity and confidence in meetings
  • Master the art of making a positive first impression and networking
  • Practise tried & tested negotiation measures and countermeasures

…and that is just for starters!

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