Artisan Training, Development and Retention Programmes

‘South Africa is experiencing a severe shortage of well-qualified, competent and experienced artisans. While the economy currently produces approximately 5 000 artisans per year, research suggests that at least 12 500 artisans should be produced each year over the next four years to meet demand.’
Source – JIPSA Annual Report 2007

In truth, you just simply can’t train Artisans fast enough! There is such a demand for them across all industry sectors that the fundamental question is -how do you fast-track them but make sure that all of the skills gaps are covered and the practical experience gained?? So, this 2-day training course will focus on how you can use the various routes available to your company’s advantage, but at the same time meet the requirements of the Skills Development Amendment Bill 2007. It will also cover in detail how to:

  • Develop the framework for a workable Artisan career development programme
  • Create and delivering technical training that is in line with current technological developments
  • Build a learning culture that makes your Artisan T & D initiatives stick
  • Use practical, low-to-no-cost and hands-on strategies that you can apply immediately
  • Design a powerful Artisan reward and recognition system that really works
  • Use mentoring programmes as an additional support to your artisan retention initiatives
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