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Newer Construction Contracts Promote Better Collaboration

Where many construction contracts promote an adversarial relationship between the contractor and the client, the NEC3 ECC promotes a partnership of collaboration, says Cameron Staude Alusani® Course Leader.
““The NEC3 is still a relatively new contract, especially in the South African construction environment. Many companies are still a bit apprehensive about using it because it is quite different to the GCC and the JBCC contracts that the majority of built environment professionals have been using in the past and that many are still using today,” says Staude.

The brand new 2-day CPD-Accredited Advanced Course that Staude facilitates takes an in-depth look at how to effectively administer and manage the NEC3 contract so that construction companies and contractors are able to meet their obligations as well as the specified deliverables during the execution phase of the project.

“One of the main benefits of having a solid grasp on the NEC3 contract is that all parties work together towards a common goal. The risk register, for example, enables all parties to identify potential risks as soon as they become aware of it. These risks are then compiled in a working document so that everyone involved is not only aware of the risk, but so that mitigation strategies and responsibilities are allocated more efficiently. In my opinion, this contract facilitates better risk management and it ensures that everyone is involved in mitigating risks and delivering objectives on time,” says Staude. “

While new construction contracts can seem daunting, the broad range of dedicated Alusani® courses that take you through the entire lifecycle of a project within the spectrum of a new contract and will equip professionals with the skills that they need to determine the inherent risks associated with each stage of a project.

“Some of the procurement aspects that construction professionals need to be aware of include incentivisation, key performance indicators, value management and early contractor involvement. I’ve found that the NEC3 is particularly helpful in aligning subcontractors to the main contract, so understanding all of these procurement aspects from the get-go is greatly beneficial to everyone involved in a project,” concludes Staude.

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