Advanced Excel Tips, Tricks & Techniques

If like many people, you have learnt Excel through trial and error and picked up stuff along the way…then it just makes sense that advancing your skills will save you time and make your job a whole lot easier.

This practical and skills-boosting two-day training course has been designed specifically for anyone who has already mastered Excel’s fundamentals and who is ready for the tools, tips, techniques and shortcuts required to become an advanced user.

During this course, you will learn a variety of tips and tricks to save you tons of time and reduce errors, as well as how to create eye-catching charts and graphs that bring your numbers to life, how to make more professional looking spreadsheets, how to automate repetitive tasks, and how to work faster and more efficiently with shortcuts that all the pros know and use.

And that’s not all…you’ll also learn “how-to’s” for analysing data and you will learn the ins and outs of PivotTables as well as how to put the ‘wow’ into any reports you produce with the touch of a single button.

So, if you use Excel a lot then we can guarantee you that what you learn at this training course will save you hundreds of hours per year, make your job a whole lot easier and it will allow you to use data to support your decisions, making you even more valuable to your company.

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