Advanced Excel Skills for Financial Managers & Management Accountants

Do you ever find yourself searching through an Excel manual…wishing that you had an Excel expert handy that you could ask to help you, because you are stuck?


Do you simply give up out of sheer frustration and get angry because you don’t know the answer to what seems like a simple Excel problem?


Do you spend a lot of time working around features that you know Excel is capable of because you simply don’t know how to use them correctly?

It goes without saying that Microsoft Excel is the spreadsheet and reporting software of choice for most financial professionals. So it simply makes sense that improving your skills and knowledge in Excel can only make your job easier as well as increase the sophistication of your data reporting and analysis. Many of Excel’s features and functions have been streamlined and simplified making it easier than ever for you to ‘crunch the numbers’.

But are you like most financial professionals? Are you just merely scratching the surface of the power and usability of Excel? If you are, then you need to attend this Advanced Excel training course, because each part of the programme is focused on time-saving techniques and advanced ‘how-tos’.

This advanced Excel training course will go beyond basics. It has been specifically researched and designed for Financial Managers and Management Accountants i.e. YOU – to expand your knowledge and skills. The training course focuses on how to use (and remember) those all-important features, how to troubleshoot and fix common problems and also how to finally put an end to your Excel frustrations and that’s not all!

So, in order to maximise the 2 days that you spend out of the office we have packed this Advanced Excel training course with practical, ready-to-use techniques with hands-on computer sessions, finance-specific exercises, take-home templates and much much more.

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