We are totally committed to quality and this commitment is reflected in the on-going professional recognition that has been awarded to Alusani Skills & Training Network®.

CPD Activities

At Alusani Skills & Training Network® we offer professionals involved in the engineering, maintenance and construction disciplines on-going access to Continued Professional Development (CPD) through our short courses. Our courses make it easy for anyone involved in the engineering, maintenance, construction or related professions to maintain their professional registration while at the same time staying abreast of developments and advancements within their respective fields of practice.

All of our engineering, maintenance and construction-related courses are accredited through SAICE as they are considered one of the leaders in the field when it comes to the approval of CPD activities. As SAICE is a recognised Voluntary Association (VA) of ECSA, this means that you can be assured that any Alusani Skills & Training Network® training course approved for CPD by SAICE will automatically be accepted by ECSA.


For more information please visit either of the following websites:



Currently we have 17 courses accredited with the SACPCMP.

For more information please visit their website: www.sacpcmp.org.za/cpd/cpd-activities

Alusani®currently has 8 courses accredited with ASAQS. ASAQS provides guidance and resources to succeed in the quantity surveying profession today and in the future and to stay abreast of developments in the built environment. CPD courses assist members to broaden their knowledge base and promote professional growth. As ASAQS is a recognised VA of SACQSP, training courses validated by ASAQS will be accepted by SACQSP.

For more information please visit either of the following websites:

Currently 2 of our courses have been validated by SAIAT.

As SAIAT is a recognised Voluntary Association of SACAP, any training courses validated by SAIAT will be automatically accepted by SACAP.


For more information please visit either of  the following websites:



SACNASP (South African Council for Natural Scientific Professions

Currently 1 of our training courses is accredited with SACNASP:


For more information please visit their website: www.sacnaspcpd.org.

Currently 1 of our training courses is accredited with SACPLAN:


For more information please visit their website: www.sacplan.org.za

Below is a full list of our accreditated training courses that offer CPD points/hours/credits:


SETA  Accreditation and Training

Alusani Skills & Training Network® has Full Accreditation as a Provider of Education & Training for the provision of learning programmes with the Services SETA. Alusani Skills & Training Network® has successfully passed comprehensive SETQAA evaluation audits of our quality management practices in relation to eight core criteria as specified by SAQA. We offer both short courses and credit-bearing learning programmes.

For more information and documentation regarding our accreditation status, please contact imogen@alusani.co.za.

Our accreditation number is 2536

Direct Marketing Association of SA


Alusani Skills & Training Network® is also an official member of the Direct Marketing Association SA. This means we follow the DMA Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice and we are committed to the responsible and ethical execution of all of our direct marketing campaigns.

In addition, we ensure that all communication with our potential customers is factual, honest, decent and informative and that it does not violate any laws of the country.

For more information regarding our membership please contact imogen@alusani.co.za

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