Facilitated Learning

In this current economy, organisations are constantly looking for ways to maximise value wherever they can and to keep costs to an absolute minimum. Everyone in our industry claims to deliver quality training but in fact very few do! Our training solutions and Course Leaders are quite different from the norm because simply keeping the status quo just isn’t our thing. At Alusani Skills & Training Network® we are obsessed with producing training that delivers the skills that are needed to actually make a difference to our client’s bottom line!

Sometimes, the reality is that the traditional approach of a 2 or 3 day training course simply can’t meet your organisation’s particular needs and challenges. But then on the flipside the services of a consultant can also cost a small fortune. So what’s the answer and how can you fix the problem quickly but not fork out a small fortune in the process?

Well look no further because we have the solution…our Facilitated Learning process is exactly what you need!

So, What is Facilitated Learning and How Can it Benefit Your Organisation?

When an organisation needs to drastically improve in a particular area, and you are under time or financial pressure, or worse both…you need more than just a Consultant or Course Leader. Ideally you need a combination of the two because you want to have your unique challenges dealt with by tapping into expert thinking as well as profound insights and expertise. And you want real outcomes so you can walk away with an implementable methodology that can be applied immediately with confidence and that guarantees actual results…does this sound familiar?

I bet it does. That is why our Facilitated Learning is gaining in popularity as it offers you the best of consulting and training all rolled into a single cost-effective solution. We are constantly pushing the boundaries of what training should look and feel like and we believe that offering more knowledge value without all the free gifts and gimmicks is the way to go. Plus our ability to deliver consistent results is clearly what differentiates us from the rest!

How Does The Facilitated Learning Process Work?


phases*Please note that the deliverables and actual phases of your Facilitated Learning process will be adapted to your unique context.

Best-Selling Facilitated Learning Solutions

Although any of our 175 courses in 19 different subject areas can be presented in our Facilitated Learning Solution format, there are some topics which suit this format better.

To date we have had success offering the following topics in this format:

Rethinking Your Business Strategy

Think about this scenario…how was your last strategy session…did you go on a retreat? Was the food good? Did you bond with your team members? But the strategy you walked away with…was it any good? Did it take your business to a whole new level?

Chances are you enjoyed the food and the bonding aspects of the retreat but your strategy fizzled out and came to nothing! If this has happened to you before then you need to consider the advantages of our Facilitated Learning approach. It is practical and at the end your company will have a clear way forward and an implementable methodology that can be immediately applied with confidence. You will have a strategy that works!

How to Create & Implement Sustainable Socio-Economic Development (SED) Strategies for the Construction Industry

Dealing with social issues is still a major challenge for many companies. Although SED has been recently highlighted in Government’s Budget Speech and many companies have come a long way in understanding sustainable development issues, there are still real challenges in implementing those standards on the ground.

And with unemployment currently hitting a record 25.6% in July 2013, effective SED programmes and community engagement will in the long run significantly benefit your organisation and enhance your BBBEE status.

Implementing a SED programme is hard work if you don’t know how to successful execute all of the needed elements to maximise your return on investment. But our Facilitated Learning Solution smooth’s the way for successful development, implementation and management of SED programmes that really work!

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